Nikon has been setting the standard for full-frame lenses for over 80 years. Gold Ring Series NIKKOR optics are among the finest lenses available, drawing peak performance from high-resolution image sensors with stunning sharpness, edge-to-edge clarity and virtually no distortion or aberrations regardless of subject, environment or lighting conditions.

AF-S 85mm f1.8G

  • Internal focusing system
  • Bright f1.8 aperture
  • Compact and lightweight
  • FX compatible

$529.00 SAVE $70



AF-S DX 35mm f1.8G

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Bright f1.8 maximum aperture
  • Optimized for DX cameras
  • Fast, quiet autofocus




AF-S 70-200mm f2.8 E FL ED VR

  • 4 stops of vibration reduction
  • 6 ED elements
  • Fluorite and HRI elements
  • Internal focusing
  • Fast, quiet autofocus

$2,799.00 SAVE $800



AF-S 200-500mm f5.6 VR

  • Lightweight super-telephoto zoom
  • Extremely sharp, detailed images
  • 4.5 stops of vibration reduction
  • Compatible with Nikon teleconverters

$1,599.00 SAVE $150